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Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

Yes, we offer free consultations.  In fact, we believe that it is important to understand your healthcare benefit options.  And although you may process enrollment independently, we want to walk you through the process to ensure that you understand clearly what our benefits are, what they cover, and what they do not.

How is your business different from other agencies?

What has made our agency different for our federal clients is that we function as their back office.  In other words, our primary interest is that the integrity of their program is maintained.  We extend that sentiment to our non-federal clients.  We sell a service, and not a product - therefore, in order to be successful, you must be satisfied with our service.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

This is a very good question - some people might not need insurance.  However, if you understand the purpose of insurance (to insure against the risk of the unknown), you want to be prepared with a safety-net.  However, do you need to spend upwards of 25% plus of your income on insurance benefits - we think not.  That's why Key Health Care offers a healthcare benefit mix, that takes advantage of benefits that are "non-insurance", "low-cost" and which provide many of the same coverages of the more costly programs.  We combine non-traditional benefits with traditional insurance, to deliver a product that is affordable by most, which does not break the bank, while still delivering the benefits that are necessary.  We specialize in ancillary benefits - those that typically cannot be paid over-time, such as prescription, dental, and vision.  Let us customize a program for you.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are low because we offer what has come to be known as "discount" or "non-insurance" benefits.  If you have ever enjoyed a low-cost flight or a low-cost night at an expensive hotel or resort - the concept is the same - almost.  We negotiate with providers for lower rates on your behalf, in the same manner as traditional health insurance.  The difference is that we put the savings back into your pocket, whereas, in a traditional insurance environment, the savings are retained by the payer (insurance company).

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